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Tea Party Youth: Culture War Makes, Breaks Conservatives



Lyda Loudon, 17 founded Tea Party Youth at age 14, she said on the Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. She is a public speaker and edits Reality Times. Loudon said she is working alongside our parents and grandparents to restore our country, and consistently tries to get her friends involved. She was bullied for being a conservative and said being a political activist is much tougher. Loudon said she has a thick skin. The daughter of Dr. Gina Loudon, adviser to American Grizzlies United, and John Loudon a Senator and former Representative Lyda has a solid political background. The Loudons were on Celebrity Wife Swap prior to Bristol Palin being on the show.

Tea Party Youth Logo


Genesis of Tea Party Youth

Loudon’s Tea Party Youth was born in St. Louis where the family once lived. “It founded me, more than I founded it,” she said. Loudon said she relates very well to millennials like Bristol, Willow, and Piper Palin. Loudon’s goal is to educate her contemporaries on civic responsibility. She said “closed-mindedness, which is admired and glorified” is her biggest challenge. Loudon has had run-ins with liberal teachers implementing revisionist curricula. But many of her peers who listened went on to start chapters of Tea Party Youth or found their own organizations.

She said more than politics, the culture war is going to make or break conservative success. Loudon is heavily focused on infiltrating pop culture as Gov. Palin directed us to do. She said, film, TV, and radio are the key places where indoctrination occurs.

Loudon said she enjoyed being on Wife Swap, but her parents were attacked – including death threats – for every line on the show.

Tea Party Youth is planning a major “celebration of freedom” event in Florida. She is also working on a film industry project, is a writer and student. She already has college credits. Loudon can followed on Twitter at @teapartyyouth and @lydaloudon

Steel Resolve: Wake Up or Lights Out

The Obama administration may finally be waking up and realizing our economy is in deep trouble, Sarah Steelman said during her weekly Steel Resolve segment. The employer mandate was illegally postponed for a year and it will be 11 more months before job numbers will be at 2007 levels. All new jobs created in June were part-time, because of the ObamaCare mandate.

Teaser and Downloadable Audio

Lyda Loudon stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! This super teen is the founder of Tea Party Youth and she’s delivering a message of conservatism to young people across the country. Sarah Palin honors the 19 firefighters who died battling a massive blaze in Arizona. Plus, Governor Palin praises the work of Greta Van Susteren and extends Independence Day wishes to Americans. Also, Palin’s plea to Washington: Quit making things up! Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured as well. Steelman, an economist, tells us why the rosy economic reports are simply false and she provides us with the real numbers when it comes to jobs.

Listen anywhere, anytime. Save this audio to your device.

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Gov. Palin: Must I Repeat? Quit Making Things Up!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Must I Repeat? Quit Making Things Up!

Outrageous. Once again the cover-up is worse than the “crime.” Secretary of State John Kerry WAS on his boat while Egypt fell into turmoil resulting in an overthrow of its new government ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood that the Obama Administration had so recently supported and may still support. (That, however, we do not know because President Obama's absolutely dithering foreign policies, his "leading from behind," and his benign statements on the Muslim Brotherhood make no sense to sensible people.)

The State Department categorically denied Kerry was on his boat. Yet CBS had pictures to prove it. Goodness. There is no need to lie, even on such a "little" thing as the location of a government leader during a military confrontation happening in real time. (Benghazi? Ring a bell? There still isn't anyone in the media who'll find out where our Commander-in-Chief was that night.) Come on, Obama Administration! It's no big darn deal that Kerry was on his boat! We expect, and deserve, to assume that our highest ranking public servants to whom We the People have given the most responsibility are always working – even when they're clearing their heads and breathing in some fresh air on a yacht, or sweating away stress on a basketball court, or yukking it up with pals on the fairway… let's trust they're always preparing for the proverbial 3:00 AM phone call.

Being on his boat isn't the issue. Blatantly deceiving the American people is the issue.

Our government, yet again, either had no idea where the boss was, or worse yet, they lied to us. (Oops-a-daisy. Correction. In Obamaspeak, we were told the "least untruthful statement.") Our government directed its swift-ly boat changing denials to what one can only surmise is their perception of who we are: a nation of sheep – heads down, grazing away, gullible, ignorant, and undeserving of truth.

Confronted with photographic evidence, the State Department merely tossed the public a handful of hay today in its tepid effort to kinda-sorta explain the whole thing away. Something about, well, yeah, so the evidence contradicted all their public claims, but… eh, no harm, no foul. And like good herder dogs, with calm authority to avoid commotion, the bureaucrats barked the suggestion that we all just move along now.

No. You move along, little doggie. Enough is enough. It's unacceptable. Remember, the nation's Mama Grizzlies don't just rise up to swat away threats to protect the next generation. They also school, scold, and signal to teach a lesson. One lesson taught all children is if you lie on the little things, you'll lie on the big things.

George Orwell wrote of a time when citizens could no longer trust big government, and by wearing down the citizenry through doublespeak and lies a tired country finally retreated to its dark and depressing demise.

America, we shall not go there! Why? Because if we know from our nation's forefathers that weariness is not in our blood! It's not in our DNA to retreat. Have faith that there are enough patriots in our exceptional nation willing to fight together for what is right. Proof of this is all the families still encouraging and supporting their loved ones who choose U.S. military service. And proof of a unified commitment to defend our republic is what the independent tea party movement is all about. Disregard the constant criticism, mocking, and flagrant lies about this diverse, proud movement that still spew from big government cheerleaders and their lapdogs in the media. Despite harassment and intimidation, commonsense conservatives are rising up again to get a better view of what is ahead. They are identifying threats to our Constitution and our children's future. The permanent political class angrily bemoans this because they know our diverse working class – those who make the world go 'round – can shake off the slumber, unify, and effectively encourage others to come out of a 2012 hibernation and demand accountability at the 2014 ballot box. It's there we prove the average, everyday American's ferocious strength when exercising that beautiful belief in loyalty only to a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Until then, we mustn't have the fighting instinct of sheep. Pay attention, do your own homework on candidates and political machines, turn off media that would disrespect you by continuing to deceive, and keep the faith.

While celebrating America's glorious Independence this week, be secure in knowing that there are more of us who support men and women ready and willing to fight on our behalf for freedom and truth than those who would continually deceive us. Thank God. And thank a Vet.

State Department: say you're sorry and don't ever do this again. CBS News: thank you for doing your job on this issue.

Happy 4th of July weekend, America.

– Sarah Palin

*Note on the photo: Despite different attributions of this quote's author, the sentiment rings true.


Ed. Note: The Orwell image is also referenced in this Facebook Status posted at: 2126 / 9:26 PM EDT. The text of this status was re-posted at 2145 / 9:45 PM EDT minus the photo.

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151711884873588&set=a.10150723283643588.424640.24718773587&type=1.

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@AGUGrizzlies: #Leadership: Happy Fourth Of July From American Grizzlies United


As we gather with our friends and family today to celebrate The Fourth of July, many Americans will notice that something does not feel right in our country. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong.

Is our country fundamentally transforming right before our very eyes?

Socialism Strawberry Shortcake I

It doesn’t have to.

Our founding mothers and fathers left us with a sacred vision and framework for America’s foundation. These sacred structures are still alive. They continue to live inside each and every concerned American. We are all united by the universal pursuit of Liberty. It may be hard to point out these days, but the natural desire for freedom continues to live within us.

America’s founding mothers and fathers were leaders. So are we. Each and every one of us is a leader. Leadership lives within us just as leadership lived within our founders. Our founders burning desire for a country where man was free to rule himself drove their leadership the same as it drives us today. American Leadership is an inherent, permanent, and inseparable component that lives on today inside of every concerned American.

Even though today’s challenges are causing dismay and turmoil, let’s use this Independence Day to remember that historically America always overcomes our foes through the confidence, the certainty, and the idealism of: New Leadership.

Today we celebrate the birth of America. We celebrate the Declaration of Independence entrusted to us. We celebrate the self-evident truths within the document that are the core of our heritage.

As Leaders, let’s remember these self-evident truths as we fight to restore America.

We are the New American Leadership: Let’s make America feel right again.

Our work continues.

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SarahPalinUSA: Obama Congratulates Rubio. Hope it’s Worth 30 Pieces of Silver


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today Tweeted:

More here: https://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA/

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@AGUGrizzlies: Join @SarahPalinUSA, Others Today By Supporting #Troopathon


Today is #Troopathon, the 6th annual drive to send care packages to our troops:

CALL 866-866-6372

America’s troops on the front line need our help today!

Troopathon III

Because of dangerous Obama Military cuts, and the President’s wormlike withdrawal timetable, there are times when our troops don’t even have enough food to eat. This is reprehensible.

Nick Popaditch II

Thankfully, concerned Americans are doing what concerned Americans do in times of crisis:

Voluntarily taking matters into their own hands and helping others!

Today, concerned Americans like Governor Sarah Palin, Nick Popaditch (The Cigar Marine), Jedediah Bila, Mark Levin, Colonel Allen West, and others will take part in #Troopathon to help those who selflessly serve and protect us.

Troopathon II

Watch TROOPATHON 2013 PST 1pm to 8pm today HERE: http://www.ustream.tv/troopathon


Governor Sarah Palin is even flying from a remote area of Alaska (in Todd’s float plane!) so she can rally Americans to support #Troopathon later today on FOX NEWS: HERE.

One person can make a difference:

Care Packages For The Troops

Wounded Warrior Packs

Military Dog Care Packs

CALL 866-866-6372

#Troopathon is an effective way to show our support for our courageous women and men in combat zones. These women and men in uniform are selflessly ready to give all for us so that we may have freedom. #Troopathon is a way our beholden and thankful nation can show how much we appreciate them.

CALL 866-866-6372

You can also watch #Troopathon on Breitbart.com: HERE

Our work continues.

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@AGUGrizzlies: AGU Volunteer Delivers #Immigration Letter To Senator @KellyAyotte Today


Today a volunteer from the American Grizzlies United Pennsylvania team is hand delivering letters to Senators about his concerns in the Amnesty Immigration Bill. Here is a copy of the letter being delivered to Senator Kelly Ayotte‘s office:

June 19, 2013

Dear Senator Kelly Ayotte

I am a grassroots volunteer for American Grizzlies United. In the 2010 election cycle I helped many candidates get elected. I donated my time, my energy, and sometimes I even donated a dollar here and there when I could afford it.

You were one of those candidates. I worked very hard trying to get you and other candidates elected because I believed in the common sense conservative principles talked about in the campaigns.

I am very concerned about your vote on the immigration bill. I have tried my best to make it through the 1000 page bill, and to be honest it doesn’t even seem like an immigration bill at all. It seems more like yet another spending bill with an entirely political agenda.

It is likely that President Obama and Senator Reid will compromise just enough to make sure the bill first passes the senate and then fails in the house. Then, because immigration is a popular fundraising and wedge issue, it can be exploited in the 2014 midterms.

I believe that America deserves better. Immigration Reform is a very serious issue, and it should be done correctly.

I remember when President Reagan got duped by the Democrats in the 1980′s. President Reagan was promised border security after amnesty. It never happened.

This bill, in its present form is not in the best interest of all Americans. This bill completely contradicts the positions you talked about in your 2010 senate campaign. I believed you when you spoke during your campaign. That is why I worked so hard to help elect you.

If you vote for this bill it will ensure President Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into a country our founders would not recognize.

I plan on working very hard in the 2014 midterms and then again in the 2016 general election, to make sure good candidates get elected. I will work very hard for candidates who I trust and believe in.

If you vote YES on this very serious bill, it will be very difficult for me to help you in your reelection bid for the senate.

I respectfully ask that you consider my concerns before you vote on this bill.


Christopher H Fromme

American Grizzlies United

Our work continues.

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Gov. Palin a Breath of Fresh Air at Road to Majority

by Jonathan Peress, Long Island Coordinator, American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin

I was on location at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition. It was alive. Everyone there was enthusiastic. I felt it was alive, because she’s real, a breath of fresh air, and doesn’t talk like a politician. People are tired of hearing soundbites from a politician. I’m listening to someone who knows how to be a leader compared to these RINO’s and liberals in Congress. She’s the harshest critic out there towards Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency compared to everyone else. Ted Cruz comes second to her.

I liked very much when Gov. Palin said the United States shouldn’t get involved in the conflicts going on in the Middle East because we do not have a real Commander in Chief. I thought it was great that she called out Obama on all of his administration’s scandals. I loved that she left no stone unturned compared to the RINO’s and Liberals. I think Gov. Palin is the kind of person the general public wants.












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SarahNET Radio: Former Miss CO Honored to intro Gov. Palin at Terri’s Day



Introducing former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at Terri’s Day was an honor Deborah Flora said in the opening minutes of her interview on the Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. “The Schindlers turned tragedy into purpose.” She said Gov. Palin read everyone’s bio and was extremely gracious toward her in a pre-speech meeting. Gov. Palin’s questions to Flora keyed into items she had read on the bio sheet. “It’s really indicative of who she is, and living a life of what she values, which is passion.” Flora said Gov. Palin went above and beyond in preparing for the Schiavo event.

Flora said pageants like Miss America promote intelligence as well as beauty. She said they foster competition, which is “important to see what you are good at.” Flora does not approve of pageants for children.

Prior to Miss America, Flora a self-admitted tomboy was giving speeches to young women about their self-worth. Her Miss Colorado crown gave her a larger platform from which to deliver that message.

American Women Media, which Flora co-founded with Tamra Colbert exist to re-connect women’s values, entrepreneurship, and child-raising with the current political scene. She said all women across the political spectrum have a sense that something is broken in our system.

Flora is against left-wing feminism that holds women as being exactly equal to men. She said there are differences but both genders should be equally valued. She said the archetype of the bumbling man rescued by a woman has been culturally damaging.

“Leadership is being for an idea greater than oneself not for oneself.” Gov. Palin exemplifies leadership she said.

Flora and her husband – an 82nd Airborne veteran – directed Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good”. The movie chronicles the journey of Academy Award nominated Gary Sinise honoring military and first responders. The film features Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, and Raquel Welch. A portion of the proceeds go to military charities.

On leaving conservative comfort zones and infiltrating pop culture as Gov. Palin said we should, Flora quoted Plato, “let me write the songs of a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.” She said “politics truly are downstream of culture.” Flora said Lt. Dan Band is a Hero’s journey, reflecting conservative values such as forging one’s own way and destiny.

Flora was an Air Force brat, her father being a retired Lieutenant Colonel.

Steel Resolve: Big Government Gone Wild

Sarah Steelman spoke about the latest revelations that the federal government is tracking every phone call and email everyone sends. “But not to worry – they’re not listening in.” She said Republicans are just as culpable as Democrats in allowing the government to grow far beyond its Constitutional limits, invading our privacy, stripping our civil liberties and freedoms in the name of safety. Terrorists win, she said.

Teaser and Downloadable Transcript

Deborah Flora stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Flora, a talented producer, broadcaster, host and actress has an incredible list of accomplishments. A former Miss Colorado, Flora and her husband recently directed an award winning documentary featuring Gary Sinise. Flora is also co-founder of American Women Media with Tamara Colbert. She talks to Kevin about introducing Sarah Palin at the Terri Schiavo gala earlier this year and much more. Palin-endorsed Jason Smith wins in Missouri. Meantime, Governor Palin offers prayers for Jaime Herrera Beutler and slams big government for turning its back on a sick child. Also, a Palin shout out to Clint Eastwood and an analysis of Obama’s choices for National Security Adviser and U.N. ambassador. Plus, remembering D-Day with the help of words from Ronald Reagan. Also, Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is featured.

Listen anywhere, anytime. Save this audio to your device.

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Gov. Palin: Boot-stomping Gov’t: “Our Obtuseness = Strength”

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

Boot-stomping govt claims citizen spying never happened then pouts Congress knew all along; Congress denies. Our obtuseness = their strength…


Obama’s Bat Cave: $1.9 Billion Data Center Set to Open In October

The personal data and private online conversations that the National Security Administration is accused of mining could be stashed in a one million square-foot, $1.9 billion facility in the Utah Valley.

There is no question that the big winners from last week were George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two men vilified for years by the left, the media, and Barack Obama as eager to use the War on Terror as an excuse to violate the Constitutional rights of everyday Americans. Obama ran for president as the anti-Bush in many respects, but especially on the issue of surveillance and snooping.

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/10151658938768588.

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Gov. Palin: We’re in for a helluva’ ride, America.


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today posted this Status Update on Facebook:

We're in for a helluva' ride, America. Obama just named Susan Rice as his National Security Adviser and nominated Samantha Power to replace Rice as our U.N. ambassador. Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein, the very, very strange Obama pick for an early "czar" position who wowed us with his numerous bizarre claims including the wacko belief that animals should have the right to sue in court, that hunting should be banned as genocide, and that pet ownership is akin to “slavery.” But Mrs. Cass Sunstein’s character judgment in choosing her life partner is the least of America's worries. Information about Obama's new picks will be revealed in coming days. Pay attention to who they are; what they stand for; and what their records, associations, and statements reveal about them and their intentions. Especially consider Obama's chosen ones as evidence of his skewed thinking as he "fundamentally transforms" our great nation.

Here's just a taste, as summarized by The Daily Caller:

"In 2002, President Barack Obama’s new nominee to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, proposed imposing a peace deal on Israelis and Palestinians militarily, even if such a policy alienated wealthy pro-Israel American Jews. 'I actually think in the Palestine-Israeli situation there is an abundance of information, and what we don’t need is some kind of early warning mechanism there,' Power said in an interview. 'What we need is a willingness to actually put something on the line in sort of helping the situation. And putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import,' she added laughing, clearly referring to American Jews and suggesting they were a great obstacle to moving toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

"Isn't that lovely. Not only is she condescending toward American Jews, but her analysis also happens to be utterly wrong. The failure to achieve peace in the Middle East is not because wealthy American Jews have somehow manipulated America's leaders into thwarting peace, but rather because Palestinian leaders have consistently rejected generous Israeli peace offers for a state of their own. In fact, the wealthy American Jews that Power haughtily dismisses in the interview as obstacles to peace are very often staunch advocates of a two state solution. On another note, Power also once compared actions abroad to those of Nazi Germany. As the Washington Examiner's Philip Klein wryly noted on Twitter, 'Samantha Power is the UN Ambassador, who is supposed to represent US interests at the UN?'"


And these articles by TheBlaze, Breitbart.com, and Townhall should help wake up Obama supporters who naively and blindly (despite failure after failure and scandal after scandal) continue to give him the benefit of the doubt:




Nah, America… I shouldn't have prefaced this post with a warning to hang on because "we're in for a helluva' ride." Sorry. That was crass and inaccurate. I should have just said about Obama's judgment and unchecked power, "America, we are so screwed."

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/sarahpalin/posts/10151653259258588.

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