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SarahPalinUSA: More asinine Winning the Future(WTF) bs tactics…


Governor Palin today Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: More asinine Winning the Future(WTF) bs tactics from DC: Dem says sequester may cost 170 million jobs.Hey skookums media, check on that, eh?

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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Gov Palin Live-Tweets SOTU


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin live-Tweeted Obama’s State of the Union Address. Following are all of her Tweets in response to the State of the Union. Please visit http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

Governor Palin today at 2351 / 11:51 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Should be $5.9 TRILLION. Sorry for the typo. RT $5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2228 / 10:28 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Most things Obama talked about are handled better on the individual, local & state level. Growing our bankrupt fed govt is NOT the answer.

Governor Palin today at 2227 / 10:27 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Obama’s SOTU was more recycled rhetoric. He wants to make the fed govt more intrusive, bankrupt, and controlling. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2217 / 10:17 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: RT @NRAILA: Obama’s “commonsense reform” requires gun registration and confiscation #SOTU https://t.co/NZneyhkQ

Governor Palin today at 2205 / 10:05 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Now we’re going to eradicate poverty around the world. But remember this won’t “increase our deficit by a single dime” #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2159 / 9:59 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: By the way, women working at the White House make less than men. Clean your own house first, Mr. President. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2156 / 9:56 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: The annual cost per household from federal regulations is over $15,000. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2156 / 9:56 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Real median household income has declined $4,520 since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe #ObamaHurtsTheMiddleClass

Governor Palin today at 2155 / 9:55 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Just 14% of America’s seniors believe they can retire comfortably. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2155 / 9:55 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: The average cost of family health care premiums has risen 24% under Obama. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2154 / 9:54 EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: The average price per gallon of gas has increased 96% since Obama took office. http://t.co/0oAiyGzQ #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2154 / 9:54 EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Obama speaks of “a thriving middle class”. Let’s see how the middle class has fared under Obama…

Governor Palin today at 2148 / 9:48 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Gee, with all of these things he wants to “invest” in, how will he keep his promise not to “increase our deficit by a single dime”?

Governor Palin today at 2137 / 9:37 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: FACT: New offshore leases for oil and natural gas drilling have declined 61% under Obama. #noenergy #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2136 / 9:36 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Let’s “invest” in more “clean energy” because Obama has a lot of campaign bundlers to thank #cronycapitalismonsteroids #sotUGottaBeKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2132 / 9:32 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Stagnant economy, Greek-style debt, inflation, no jobs, high gas prices. What say you, Obama voters? #OBuyersRemorse? #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2131 / 9:31 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Voted for Obama? Check your paycheck withholding – it’s less. #OBuyersRemorse yet? #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2130 / 9:30 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Obama: “We must keep the promises we’ve already made.” Like not raising taxes? #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2128 / 9:28 EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: “Can’t cut our way to prosperity.” If endlessly borrowing & spending money we don’t have leads to prosperity, bankruptcy is the way forward!

Governor Palin today at 2125 / 9:25 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: “Balanced approach” means “I’m going to increase your taxes to pay for my crony capitalism.” #NoOneIsBuyingThis #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2122 / 9:22 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Keep in mind that the sequester was Obama’s baby. He signed it into law. Now he thinks it’s economic Armageddon. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2121 / 9:21 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: We have $46 trillion in fed spending from Obama’s FY13 Budget through 2022. That’s not “responsible” or “balanced” #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2120 / 9:20 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: $5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2120 / 9:20 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: We have a $16.5 trillion national debt & we’re on day 1,385 without a budget. #PermanentPoliticalClassAtWork #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2119 / 9:19 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Obama added $518 billion in new regulatory costs to America’s job creators since taking office http://t.co/hq7bat3Q #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2118 / 9:18 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Our GDP shrank by 0.1% in the 4th quarter. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2117 / 9:17 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Obama: “There is much progress to report.” Oh really? Let’s see what the facts show… #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

Governor Palin today at 2117 / 9:17 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: 22.7 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for work. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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Rep. West Discusses Elections, Alinksy Tactics, Socialism on SarahNET Radio

Lt. Colonel Allen West visits The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla to talk about his race in Florida as well as the battle for The White House. Hear Congressman West’s thoughts on Benghazi, the socialism and Marxism he sees in the Obama administration, and the Alinsky tactics being thrown at conservatives. Plus, West tells Kevin what he thinks of Sarah Palin. Also we get out the vote for Palin-powered candidates Ted Cruz, Dan Bongino, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Richard Mourdock, Orrin Hatch, Mia Love, Paul Gosar, and Ted Yoho. All this and SarahNET Radio’s Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary from Sarah Steelman.

West Campaign Doing Well

Rep. West is running for re-election in his FL-18 Congressional seat. The American Grizzlies General Election candidate is leading by 12 points in pre-election polling and early voting. Rep. West is still welcoming volunteers and donations and invited listeners to visit his website to obtain more information. He said volunteers have traveled from neighboring states and even far-flung states like New York, Connecticut, and Alaska to help his campaign.

Obama Vulnerable in Florida

Rep. West has been supporting the Romney-Ryan campaign and said the only part of Florida Obama may carry is south Florida. But, with high unemployment, leading the nation in foreclosures, a Jewish community not happy with Obama’s relationship with Israel, and talk of Benghazi on the street, he is vulnerable in south Florida as well.

Obama’s Dangerous “Look the Other Way” Foreign Policy

Rep. West said the Benghazi scandal is the worst Presidential scandal in American history. “Watergate was just a bungled burglary,” yet Nixon had to resign. He said if Obama was a Republican, the media would have been covering Benghazi non-stop and he likely would have been impeached, even with the election looming so close. “This cannot be the new normal – that we lose an Ambassador – which has not happened since the Carter administration, a State Department worker, and two former Navy SEALS – and the President doesn’t want to answer it,” he said. Rep. West said the Obama administration lied and misled the American public about the attack being carried out over a YouTube video, meanwhile no one knows where attackers are.

“We have gone from ‘peace through strength,’ which was the Reagan maxim to ‘weakness is provocative, lead from behind,’” Rep. West said about our dangerous “look the other way” foreign policy. He said China’s blue-water navy is expanding, a Russian submarine was in the Gulf of Mexico undetected for months, and the “Middle East is catching fire.” He continued, “you either win a war or you lose it.” He said “on the 11th anniversary of September 11th for countless embassies to be attacked, have our flags ripped down and radical Islamic flags raised over our embassies is an act of war, and we don’t have the type of President to lead and show resolve.” Rep. West harkened back to Obama’s appeasement tour of the Middle East early in his term.

Gov. Palin Exceptional, True Constitutional Conservative

Scholla asked Rep. West his thoughts on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who several times said that the former Lt. Col. would make a good Vice Presidential candidate before Paul Ryan was picked. Gov. Palin also endorsed the current Congressman in his 2010 run.

“I think Gov. Palin is an exceptional woman. She really is indicative of a true constitutional conservative. I think that she has a voice that has to be reckoned with as we continue to grow this conservative movement in the United States of America – to restore our republic. I don’t know where she wants to take her future, but I’ll tell you what – she is a key player, and I am just very humbled and honored that she considers me in such high regard. And, I really was just floored to have been able to meet her back last year at Rolling Thunder when we got the chance to meet and take a couple of photos.”

West on the Issues

Shifting back to his own race, Rep. West said, “my opponent doesn’t stand for anything, and the only thing he is running on is to hate me.” He said we cannot continue down the path of 1.6% GDP growth and he said the right tax policies affect that. Earlier, Rep. West said ObamaCare is already hurting Florida seniors via hospitals being fined for multiple visits within 30 days and doctors deciding to no longer treat seniors. He said many regulations which strangle small businesses and community banks need to be repealed and ObamaCare needs to be repealed and replaced with a market-based alternative. He advocates developing all of our energy resources, stopping Obama’s “War on Coal,” building the Keystone XL pipeline, developing Alaskan fields and natural gas deposits, and renewables.

He said “renewables and green energy cannot be the sole focus, and that is where the crony capitalism comes in.” He said sequestration must be allowed to go through. He said we must have the military capability to deal with enemy combatant guerrillas and “high-end belligerents” like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

He said today’s Democratic Party is not the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy; it’s the party of Marx and Lenin. Scholla and West discussed the Alinsky tactics and divisiveness by groups that the party uses to achieve its objectives. Rep. West said the Democrats play by Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals we need to use the same playbook against them.

Palin-Powered Candidates

Scholla went on to discuss Gov. Palin’s endorsed candidates, all of whom he interviewed. They are archived at SarahNET Radio, US for Palin, and the American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin State System.

Sarah Steelman on the Cost of Freedom

Sarah Steelman said during her Steel Resolve segment that Braveheart is one of her “favorite movies, because it is about the cost of becoming free.”

“One of the most excruciating and emotional scenes in the movie is when the English are torturing William Wallace for leading the Scottish Rebellion, against the Scottish nobles and the English. The English hanged, racked, and disemboweled Wallace. While he is laying in the rack being stretched apart, through the agony of this horrific pain, he screams out with every breath left in him, one word. That word was, ‘freedom,’” Steelman said.

She continued,

“History proves that the desire to be free is a powerful force. The yearning to remain free is the motivating force behind this election. Many people have asked me, ‘how are we less free now?’ A government that over-regulates takes away our freedom. It’s that simple. Yes, the economy and jobs are important to all of us, but the heart of the economic argument is the case for freedom. Americans want to chase their own dreams, pursue their own happiness, whatever that may be. Freedom is about choosing your own path to achieve your goals.”

“This election offers two futures for America,” Steelman said in her closing statement.

“Gov. Romney understands that Americans want to be free and the power of government must be limited. President Obama believes the government should be bigger and more powerful and can make better decisions about your life than you. This Election Day, please remember all the generations of men and women who sacrificed their lives for America. Protect this beautiful, God-given gift to each one of us: freedom. Make your vote count. This Election Day, choose freedom.”

Complete Audio Transcript of Allen West Interview

Downloadable Audio Transcript:

Download this interview and listen anywhere, anytime! -> Colonel Allen West <-

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@AGUGrizzlies: #Arizona; VOTE @Gosar4Congress Tomorrow!

As Arizona voters head to the polls on Tuesday one candidate to pay attention to is Dr. Paul Gosar. Paul has been personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin and is on the American Grizzlies United Primary Candidate List.

Dr Paul Gosar was one of the freshman that the fed-up electorate sent to DC in 2010. Paul didn’t go along to get along. Paul got things done.

Paul’s legislative achievements prompted the largest newspaper in Arizona to say:

“Bottom line: when it comes to sponsored bills and amendments passed by the House of Representatives, Gosar has been among the most successful new members not only in Arizona’s delegation, but also in the entire freshman class.” He’s fought hard to eliminate wasteful spending, sponsoring one bill after another to repeal wasteful programs and save the taxpayers’ money. He co-sponsored and voted for “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” and he took a tough vote to cut $2.1 trillion from the bloated federal budget, which is the largest nominal spending cut since World War II.

AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin interviewed Paul a while back. The interview originally ran on SarahNetRadio and the transcript was done by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron and it ran on US4Palin.

Thomas S Schmitz

American Grizzlies United; Chairman

American Grizzlies United Website: http://americangrizzlies.com/

Follow AGU on Twitter: @AGUGrizzlies

Follow O4P on Twitter: @O4Palin

Follow S4P on Twitter: @_Students4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

Follow AGU on Facebook: American Grizzlies United (AGU)

Subscribe to the AGU You-Tube Channel: AmericanGrizzliesU

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Paul Gosar, AZ-4 discusses record, plans on SarahNET Radio

This week on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla: While the wind blows in Tampa from Isaac and from politicians, Sarah Palin is making a real difference! Arizona heads to the polls on Tuesday and Governor Palin has backed three super candidates including Kevin’s guest today, Dr. Paul Gosar! Congressman Gosar talks about his background as a dentist, his plans for getting people back to work, Fast and Furious, immigration, and much more. Plus Governor Palin gets set to campaign for Kirk Adams on Monday and get out the vote for Gosar, Adams, and Jeff Flake. Don’t miss this bonus edition of The Palin Update only on SarahNET Radio! Tune in anytime ON DEMAND!

Gov. Palin’s AZ Candidates, and Incumbent Endorsements

Gov. Palin had endorsed Paul Gosar for AZ-4 in 2010 and re-endorsed him for 2012. He is one of three candidates she has endorsed for 2012 and their primaries are all August 28. Scholla had interviewed Kirk Adams and Jeff Flake on prior shows. See: SarahNET Radio Interviews Kirk Adams, AZ-5 on Bold Leadership and SarahNET Radio Interviews Palin-Endorsed Jeff Flake for US Senate, AZ.

Scholla said he finds Gov. Palin’s endorsements of incumbents most impressive because they’re a statement that the candidate has “a body of work” worthy of support “and that we need more of it.”

Small Business Owners Know How to Balance Budgets

Gosar said he is thrilled to receive Gov. Palin’s re-endorsement and that “in Arizona, there are two types of politicians: show ponies and work horses.” He is a dentist by trade and said his work in that field was very good preparation for being a Representative. Dentistry is a high-overhead business in which the practitioner must provide high-quality care, efficiently, and with good customer service, he said. ObamaCare does affect dentists as well, not just MDs, and Gosar said the legislation is not patient-friendly. As a dentist, Gosar is a small business owner.

“One of the things we have said in our first term in office, ‘as a business owner what’s wrong with making a profit?’ You have to make a profit in order to keep your doors open. Making a profit also shows that you have good customer service skills and that you have a skill that [your customers] really want and need,” Gosar said.

On Fast and Furious…

Gosar has been aggressively pursuing a fact-finding mission on the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal. He said Fast and Furious was “an egregious attempt on our Second Amendment rights,” and “it happened right in my backyard.” He also called it “part of the full frontal attack the administration has had on Arizona.” He said 1,400 guns remain unaccounted for. Gosar predicts they will be found at crime scenes, particularly in Arizona and the Southwest. He said that Fast and Furious must never happen again and those involved must be held accountable for it.

On Illegal Immigration…

Gosar has been fighting the unconstitutional DREAM Act, and said Congress, not the President should be setting and enforcing immigration policy. Arizona has been at the forefront and the front lines on the battles involving securing the border and stopping illegal immigration. During his term, Gosar has been working to get funding for securing the border.

Gosar’s Respect and Admiration of Gov. Palin

Scholla asked, “you have great respect for Gov. Palin, don’t you?”

“Absolutely. I think what she has done – is pure patriotic – in getting this country back – and we need more people like Gov. Palin, who are not afraid to put herself in harm’s way, based on where this country is heading and making sure that we turn it around.”

Scholla asked what Gov. Palin’s success in endorsing Gosar, Flake, and Adams would mean for change in Washington, D.C.

“Arizona is a very pivotal state,” Gosar said. The state had been redistricted and “having five seats available for the Democrats to take is not what we expected, and so her throwing her weight, and her notoriety, and her skillset behind folks here in Arizona means a lot to us. It is one of the battlegrounds.” Gosar said, that Nancy Pelosi must not again become Speaker of the House. He said Arizona will be pivotal in taking the Senate and in making sure Obama is not re-elected.

Why Undecided Voters Should Vote for Gosar

Scholla asked Gosar to “speak to the undecided voters” and tell them why they should vote for him.

“I’m one of those folks who have been very principled and understanding what people needed and have it done. What we’ve done is work together as a team. So many times, we do things as individuals, and we don’t get a lot accomplished. We were able to accomplish a lot based on what our constituency needs, getting people back to work in our state, and getting philosophical changes taken care of and done. We’ve got a proven track record of accomplishments, because we work with people, and we’ve got a proven track record of very fiscally conservative [actions] and getting things done. And people really see the benefit. They want to gravitate around somebody who really includes them, and makes them believe in winning,” Gosar said.

“You know, one of the things Gov. Palin is known for, and one of the reasons she has such a following is her honesty. People believe she speaks from the heart and says what she really believes. Perhaps an endorsement from her in a way is saying, ‘you know what? Dr. Paul Gosar same way. You can believe what this man is saying.’ And that’s something that unfortunately, we don’t see so much from politicians,” Scholla said.

Gov. Palin and Straight Talk

“Straight-talking – that’s what you love so much about Gov. Palin. She means what she says and she says what she means. And I think that’s a breath of fresh air. And that’s what we’ve come to the table with. Saying, ‘you know, I’m not pretty. I’m not great at how I look at things, but boy I’ll tell you what: we get things done. And that’s what counts in a winner.’ I think that’s what Gov. Palin has given us the mantra for. ‘Find out what’s your expertise, tell us how you can get things done, and let’s work together as a team to get this country back,’” Gosar said.

Gosar Invites Voters to Call Him Personally…

His website is http://www.gosar4congress.com. He also invited undecided voters to contact him directly on his cell phone at 928-853-6225. “We’d love to hear from you; love to hear your concerns and ideas. It’s a two-way street. Those are the things we want to see, and if you like what you see from us, we would love for you tell your neighbors and friends, because we need everybody to work together to win in this election cycle,” he said.

Scholla called on listeners to support Gosar, Flake and Adams, as well as American Grizzlies United candidates Ben Quayle and Gabriela Saucedo Mercer. See: Rep. Quayle (R-AZ) Talks SCOTUS ObamaCare Ruling on SarahNET Radio and
SarahNET Radio: Gov. Palin fights liberal hypocrisy, double standards for the Saucedo Mercer interview.

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SarahPalinUSA: RT @MeganKToday: Tuesday @todayshow exclusive:…

Governor Palin today Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: RT @MeganKToday: Tuesday @todayshow exclusive: @SarahPalinUSA live in studio. A side you haven’t seen…More to come

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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SarahPalinUSA: Tweets 4x on Sandra Fluke, Mortgage Bailouts, Energy

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today Tweeted about Sandra Fluke, mortgage bailouts and energy independence, with three Tweets coming in as any minutes. Her fourth and final Tweet of the series came 43 minutes later.

Governor Palin today at 1430 / 2:30 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Pres. Obama says he called Sandra Fluke because of his daughters. For the sake of everyone’s daughter, why… http://t.co/ODfSrivi

Governor Palin today at 1347 / 1:47 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: And ANWR MT @jimgeraghty Obama endorses an “all of the above approach.” Except Keystone & new refineries & new nuke plants & m/b fracking…

Governor Palin today at 1344 / 1:44 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: @WHLive What about irresponsible homeowners who purposely overextended themselves with homes they couldn’t afford?

Governor Palin today at 1344 / 1:44 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Pres. Obama, where does personal responsibility come into play? And how much will this new, unauthorized mortgage bailout cost taxpayers?

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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SarahPalinUSA: John Stossel found it takes 65 days to legally open a lemonade stand

Governor Palin today at 1525 / 3:25 EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: John Stossel found it takes 65 days to legally open a lemonade stand! America has too many dumb rules. Watch his… http://t.co/aWoQ523i

Governor Palin today at 1523 / 3:23 PM EST Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: @FBNStossel found it takes 65 days to legally open a lemonade stand! We have too many dumb rules. Watch his special about it at 9 EST tonite

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

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Obama’s Anti-American Energy Policies Invite the Next Crisis

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

President Obama doesn’t have an energy plan. He has an energy speech that he continues to give regardless of the facts or his obvious failures. He likes to take credit for actions initiated by the last administration (without telling you that he’s reversed or stymied many of those successes).


We should not be surprised by his detached attitude about America’s pain at the pump. He’s not interested in lowering the price of gas because exorbitantly high gas prices are one of his campaign promises. In September 2008, candidate Obama’s Energy Secretary in-waiting said: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” That’s one campaign promise they’re working hard to fulfill!


President Obama notes that instability in the Middle East causes short-term spikes in the price of oil. But that is precisely why we should take every opportunity to drill here and drill now to lessen our dependence on these dangerous foreign regimes. President Obama’s lack of action simply invites the next oil crisis. It’s as if the White House is purposefully making us more dependent on foreign countries – from running up an unsustainable debt that must be financed by foreign debtors, to constantly apologizing and walking on eggshells around dictators who control oil supplies.


When it comes to our energy security, the only thing holding us back is the lack of political will. We have the resources, the ingenuity, and the manpower. And we need the jobs! Any economic recovery will be hampered by these rising gas prices. And I guarantee the rising prices will only get worse and will halt job growth further.


We must never forget that energy development, job creation, and national security are inextricably linked. Access to affordable and secure energy is the key to economic growth, which is the key to job growth. Securing a stable domestic supply of energy will lead to a more peaceful and prosperous America – an America that’s not subject to the whims of dictators who can cut off energy supplies or shut down the Strait of Hormuz to exports passing through.


President Obama repeatedly claims that there is no “silver bullet” to lower gas prices. But, in fact, we do have proof that the promise of future drilling does lead to immediate price relief as oil producers plan to expand their production.


So what are Obama’s solutions? As luck would have it, they coincide with subsidizing his friends and campaign donors. What a fortuitous coincidence in an election year! While you’re paying $5-a-gallon for gas, President Obama has been picking “winners” and “losers” in the free market. He’s decided that conventional resource development that produces the fuel we use to drive our cars and power our economy are “losers.” His “winners” are the bankrupt green energy companies that his campaign donors invest in. Unfortunately his real “losers” are the American public who are once again hit with massive gas prices (at least those who can’t afford luxury electric cars like the Obama-subsidized Volt that gets 40 miles per battery charge, or like the Obama-subsidized Tesla that turns into a “brick” when the battery completely discharges and then costs $40,000 to repair.)


What are the real solutions? Well, whether you support Newt in 2012 or not, he makes a lot of sense in this video, which is why President Obama targeted it for mockery yesterday. Newt is right that we need to “stop bowing and start drilling.” And not only can’t a gun rack fit in a Volt, but the government will take away our pick-up trucks when they pry the steering wheel “from our cold, dead hands.”


In this video, Newt explains some commonsense, pro-American solutions to the problems President Obama causes with his terrifyingly naïve assault on U.S. energy production.


With just the stroke of a pen, President Obama could lead us in the direction of real energy security and reduce our oil imports threatened by Iran’s threats to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. Here are just a few commonsense measures we can do right now and most of them don’t require any new legislation or regulations:


Open Alaska to drilling. Billions and billions of U.S. crude (and hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of clean natural gas) sit untapped up here in the far north, my friends. We have the TAPS pipeline and infrastructure; we invite the development! Open ANWR. Think of how much safer and secure we would be if we had done this decades ago.


Build the Keystone Pipeline. President Obama doesn’t understand we live in a land woven with untold miles of pipe to carry safe energy supplies to protect and prosper America. Common sense dictates we need another one now to secure our energy future. It is key. It is the Keystone. If we’re worried about instability in the Middle East, it makes no sense to shun safe and reliable oil from Canada. Obviously, China understands this, and we should too.


Drill for natural gas. Natural gas is the future. It’s clean, it’s green, and we’ve got lots of it. Whether we use it to power natural-gas cars or to run natural-gas power plants that charge electric cars – or ideally for both – natural gas can act as a clean “bridge fuel” to a future when more renewable sources are available.


There are many more steps we need in order to establish a true energy plan to secure our future. But these three steps, plus increased resource development in the Lower 48 and reversing President Obama’s nonsensical, knee-jerk, anti-American energy shut down of off-shore developments would create hundreds of thousands of jobs as millions of barrels of oil every single day would flow under American control, and lessen our dependence on the Persian Gulf.


It’s time our country had a real energy plan that include a genuine all-of-the-above approach that doesn’t ignore conventional resource development. We need the jobs, we need the energy, and we need the security.


- Sarah Palin

Retrieved from: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150581060688435.

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Gov. Palin Thanks O4P VA for Supporting March for Life

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today Tweeted her thanks to the staff of Organize4Palin Virginia for their support of and participation in today’s March for Life:

SarahPalinUSA: Thank you & God bless you guys! MT @BigE4SP12 That’s us!! Me & @cudaforever holding the poster w/ lil Trig. @VA4Palin is at #marchforlife.

This Tweet was one of three on an event which has a strong personal significance for her. Following are the other two Tweets:

Governor Palin today Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone taking part in today’s March for Life. #marchforlife http://t.co/gFJEtuFv

Governor Palin today Tweeted:

SarahPalinUSA: Thank you for sharing the photo! RT @kathrynlopez remember her? #marchforlife http://t.co/gFJEtuFv

More here: http://twitter.com/SarahPalinUSA

You will see O4P VA’s documentation of the Tweets and their activities on the O4P VA website in the coming days. Gov. Palin is a gracious person who recognizes the efforts of those who support her.

As we know, Gov. Palin praised Rick Santorum prior to the IA Caucus. He won by 34 votes. She called on South Carolinians to strategically vote for Newt Gingrinch in that state’s primary. He won 41% with Romney a distant second in trail, and now polling second in Florida. Gov. Palin retains considerable influence and political capital.

SarahPAC mailed out a donation request in preparation for endorsing and supporting candidates. Those of you who have donated to SarahPAC should be getting these soon.

All of the foregoing means that O4P needs to be ready to help Gov. Palin’s endorsees and participate in events to support her, such as CPAC.

Speaking of CPAC, for those of you who are attending or are considering attending, Essex and Orange 1773 has made their CPAC convention kits available. These kits consist of your choice of T-Shirt and 10 buttons. Essex and Orange 1773, produces many items for O4P.

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